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Dr. Collatz

Dr. Laura Collatz graduated with honors from UNC School of Dentistry. She practices all facets of general dentistry including crowns, implant restoration, cosmetic dentistry, extractions, dentures, partials and many other services. Dr. Collatz loves to work with children. “My favorite part of dentistry is getting to know people and developing quality relationships. I grew up in a small town and I guess I’ve always loved the feeling of caring and family associated with them. I love being in a town that still has a Main Street, and Pittsboro feels like home.”.

Dr. Laura Collatz proudly announces the grand opening of her dental practice at 30 West Salisbury Street in downtown Pittsboro. Dr. Collatz is pleased to have the opportunity to serve the former patients of Dr. Noah Wilson, who has retired after more than four decades of service to Pittsboro residents. She also looks forward to meeting and serving new patients. Raised in Mooresville, North Carolina, Dr. Collatz practiced dental hygiene for many years and volunteered her services extensively while caring for her three children.

Although she enjoyed serving her patients as a dental hygienist, she always believed her talents would be better suited to providing full dental services. When her family obligations permitted, she began her studies at the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Dentistry. It was then that Dr. Collatz, her family, two dogs, and four cats adopted Pittsboro as their home. She says, “I grew up in Mooresville back when it was still a small town, and I guess I’ve always loved the feeling of caring and family that you can only find in a small town.”

After serving as a teaching assistant and private tutor to other dental students while pursuing her own studies, Dr. Collatz completed her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree with Honors. When she learned that her adoptive hometown’s dentist was ready to retire, she was thrilled at the prospect of serving the Pittsboro community. Dr. Collatz says, as a people person, her favorite part of dentistry is “getting to know people and developing quality relationships.” At her new office, Dr. Collatz and her experienced and caring staff provide a wide variety of general dental services, including preventive care, tooth-colored crowns and bridges, fillings, extractions, and full and partial dentures. Her practice emphasizes gentle care and responsiveness to patient concerns. Having worked closely with patients for nearly twenty years, first as a dental hygienist and now as a dentist, Dr. Collatz truly believes that “everyone deserves to love their smile.”

She enjoys not only creating beautiful smiles but giving folks reasons to share their smiles. “Coming to the dentist doesn’t need to be a stressful experience. We all feel like family, and want to help the patients have fun when they’re here. Whether its telling jokes, listening to music or playing a movie while you’re in the chair; you’re sure to leave feeling more like you’ve visited a good friend than a stuffy dental office.” In her spare time, Dr. Collatz dons pointy ears, delicate wings, and glitter to become the Tooth Fairy. For many years, she has entertained children and sold handmade fairy wings as a Fairy at the Carolina Renaissance Festival. There have even been one or two sightings of the Tooth Fairy around her office.

  • Two thumbs up!

    It was so nice to see how Dr. Laura and her staff have made the lovely new office their own. Even after the many years I have been a patient, I am always impressed with how their warm, professional manner helps to make the procedures understandable and as pleasant as possible. Two thumbs up!

    Patricia B
  • Very Professional and Relaxing

    I had a cavity and crown prep. The doctor and staff did a bang up job. Very professional and relaxing. Holding my tongue down as they stated could lift 600 lbs and my small mouth to work in they earned their money. However, they were great about it and worked diligently to get me through this.

    Michael B
  • Very professional , Warm and Kind

    From the entrance to exit, very professional , warm and kind. Waking room was beautiful and very clean well organizeized I had a very short wait. The same for all the back offices. I was met by all with an ENCHANTING SMILE,

    Brenda H

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