Root Canal Therapy

This treatment procedure is done when a tooth has been damaged due to a deep cavity or trauma to the nerve of the tooth. In most cases following a root canal a crown will need be placed to protect tooth fracturing. Root canals can sometimes take two appointments and is done under local anesthesia.

Root canals can cause some people a bit of anxiety prior to their appointment but you should know that this procedure can stop your toothache, prevent bacteria from spreading and save your tooth from extraction and prevent the need for a bridge or denture. Occasionally a referral may be made to an endodontist, a root canal specialist. We work closely with the few endodontists to whom we refer, and our team can assist you in making an appointment if it becomes necessary.

  • Two thumbs up!

    It was so nice to see how Dr. Laura and her staff have made the lovely new office their own. Even after the many years I have been a patient, I am always impressed with how their warm, professional manner helps to make the procedures understandable and as pleasant as possible. Two thumbs up!

    Patricia B
  • Very Professional and Relaxing

    I had a cavity and crown prep. The doctor and staff did a bang up job. Very professional and relaxing. Holding my tongue down as they stated could lift 600 lbs and my small mouth to work in they earned their money. However, they were great about it and worked diligently to get me through this.

    Michael B
  • Very professional , Warm and Kind

    From the entrance to exit, very professional , warm and kind. Waking room was beautiful and very clean well organizeized I had a very short wait. The same for all the back offices. I was met by all with an ENCHANTING SMILE,

    Brenda H

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