Dental Services

Dental Services

Teeth Whitening

have your teeth become discolored over the years? Would you like for your smile to look whiter and brighter? With just a few applications of whitening...

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Dental Crown Pittsboro NC

Crowns are sometimes referred to as a "cap." Many times a crown is recommended as a full coverage restoration to prevent the tooth from further breaka...

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Dental Implants

A dental implant is a surgical fixture placed into the bone. A permanent crown is fabricated to fit on top of the implant replacing the missing tooth.

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Dental Bridge

Can be utilized to replace a missing tooth or teeth. Crowns are cemented to the teeth on either side of the missing tooth, with a false tooth suspende...

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Are fabricated when a patient is missing several or all of their teeth. They can be very beneficial by restoring lip and cheek support, also can help ...

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Missing Teeth

There are many ways to replace a tooth which has been lost. Options include removable and fixed prostheses. The doctor will go over each option along ...

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Partial Dentures

Partials can be a cost-effective method to replace one or more missing teeth. Partials are typically fabricated out of cast metal with acrylic teeth a...

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Digital Xrays

We are proud to announce the addition of digital xrays to our practice. Not only do these xrays aid in early detection of cavities, and other potentia...

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We prefer to take care of routine extractions in the office. Occasionally due to patient comfort, or the need for sedation, we have a team of oral sur...

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Emergencies Welcomed

No one likes to be in pain. Our office reserves time each day dedicated to helping get people comfortable. Once your emergency situation is resolved, ...

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We offer composite, or tooth colored fillings, as well as traditional silver amalgam fillings. The doctor will discuss the pros and cons of each and a...

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As we age, take new prescription medicines, or have changes in our diet, stress levels and lives in general, sometimes we become more susceptible to d...

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Dental Implants Pittsboro NC

What are Dental Implants? Dental implants are a type of tooth replacement that can be used to replace one or more missing teeth. They are made of tita...

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Oral Cancer Screening

Screening for Oral Cancer and head and neck Cancer is done at every cleaning and exam appointment, generally at six month intervals. The screening is ...

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Periodontal Disease Treatment

Periodontal disease, sometimes referred to as gum disease or pyorrhea is screened for at every routine examination. The ADA recommends that you see yo...

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Root Canal Therapy

This treatment procedure is done when a tooth has been damaged due to a deep cavity or trauma to the nerve of the tooth. In most cases following a roo...

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Composite Bonding

This bonding is made of a porcelain-like material that is bonded to the tooth and is also color matched for a more natural looking restoration. Becaus...

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What Is An Airway Mouth Doctor?

An Airway Mouth Doctor (AMD) is a dentist who has been trained to diagnose and treat airway issues in a holistic way. This means that they look at the...

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  • Two thumbs up!

    It was so nice to see how Dr. Laura and her staff have made the lovely new office their own. Even after the many years I have been a patient, I am always impressed with how their warm, professional manner helps to make the procedures understandable and as pleasant as possible. Two thumbs up!

    Patricia B
  • Very Professional and Relaxing

    I had a cavity and crown prep. The doctor and staff did a bang up job. Very professional and relaxing. Holding my tongue down as they stated could lift 600 lbs and my small mouth to work in they earned their money. However, they were great about it and worked diligently to get me through this.

    Michael B
  • Very professional , Warm and Kind

    From the entrance to exit, very professional , warm and kind. Waking room was beautiful and very clean well organizeized I had a very short wait. The same for all the back offices. I was met by all with an ENCHANTING SMILE,

    Brenda H

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