Cone Beam CT: Diagnosing Dental Problems

As a dentist, I have access to a wide range of diagnostic tools that help me to diagnose and treat my patients’ dental problems. One of the most powerful diagnostic tools at my disposal is the dental cone beam computed tomography (CT). Read on to find out why I was excited to install one in my Pittsboro, NC dental office.

A dental cone beam CT is a type of CT scan that uses a cone-shaped beam of x-rays to create a three-dimensional image of the teeth, jaw, and surrounding tissues. This type of x-ray is much more detailed than traditional two-dimensional x-rays, and it can provide me with a wealth of information about my patients’ dental health.

There are many benefits to using dental cone beam CTs and I was so excited to install one in my Pittsboro, NC office:

  • Increased accuracy: Dental cone beam CTs provide much more detailed images than traditional two-dimensional x-rays. This can help dentists to diagnose problems more accurately, especially complex problems such as root canals, dental implants, and TMJ disorders.
  • Reduced radiation exposure: Dental cone beam CTs use a much lower dose of radiation than traditional CT scans. This is important for patients who are concerned about radiation exposure.
  • Quick and painless: Dental cone beam CT scans are quick and painless. The scan itself takes only a few seconds, and there is no need for patients to receive a sedative or any other type of medication.
  • Field of view: My CBCT machine has a field of view that encompasses almost the entire head. I can evaluate and measure patients’ 3D airway volume and help to diagnose potential airway disorders with the help of my medical colleagues. 
  • Better educate dental patients: Dental cone beam CTs do a super job of better educating my patients. After I show them the scan results in 3D, my patients better understand their dental problems and the treatment options that are available to them.
  • Thorough diagnosis: We always share patients’ dental scan results with an outside radiologist. This second opinion helps us identify and treat any issues early on, before they become more serious. I want my patients to feel confident in the diagnosis and treatment plan.

I installed my dental cone beam CT in my Pittsboro dental office in 2022 and it is such a powerful diagnostic tool. In just a few minutes, it provides me with a wealth of information about my patients’ dental health. They are less likely to expose my patients to radiation than traditional CT scans, and they are quick, painless, and easy to use.

It’s part of my commitment to patient health, wellbeing, and confidence. If you have an issue you want checked out, please schedule an appointment at our Pittsboro, NC office and let us do a comprehensive examination with our cone beam CT.

  • Two thumbs up!

    It was so nice to see how Dr. Laura and her staff have made the lovely new office their own. Even after the many years I have been a patient, I am always impressed with how their warm, professional manner helps to make the procedures understandable and as pleasant as possible. Two thumbs up!

    Patricia B
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    I had a cavity and crown prep. The doctor and staff did a bang up job. Very professional and relaxing. Holding my tongue down as they stated could lift 600 lbs and my small mouth to work in they earned their money. However, they were great about it and worked diligently to get me through this.

    Michael B
  • Very professional , Warm and Kind

    From the entrance to exit, very professional , warm and kind. Waking room was beautiful and very clean well organizeized I had a very short wait. The same for all the back offices. I was met by all with an ENCHANTING SMILE,

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